Wood Manage


At Woodbrickstone, in the wood sector our process starts with new raw materials specially selected wood. the wood starts in the loging and then cut and sliced using a precision saw. wood in a dip in a mud pool for at least 1 year. after the wooden mud dip step is taken for the drain and then in the oven to get a relatively low water levels. next step then enters the storage room. so manage wood materials for new using traditional technology for ancient quality. so the wood material that is made is the saved 1 year ago.

we also use to make a product from the waste with the principle of zero waste. ancient buildings such as older homes, older cattle stables or older warehouses and from solid wood waste streams such as pallets and cruise ships. From dilapidated structures marked as unusable and this waste stream, our reclaimed wood materials are sent for inspection, documentation and cleaning. inventory in our warehouse located in Pacitan, Indonesia

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Woodbrickstone Wherehouse

Road JLS Highway Km 30. East Java
Pacitan, Post Code 63554