Wood Manage


There are few cargo companies in Surabaya that we can arrange and settle your goods at the most responsible cargo company and yet with lower and competitive prices. However, customers are free to choose their own trusted shipping company and we can liaise with them to settle your goods.

Shipping is available by Sea or by Air.

– Air Freight is the fastest and most expensive means of transporting a shipment. Rates are calculated by weight and charged per kg and (volumetric weight).
– Sea Freight is the most economical means of transporting goods.

Containerized Shipments

the cargo weight and cube influence the size and number of containers needed for an order. The term cube refers to the cubic measurement of cargo.

The capacity of standard container:

– 20′ is about 1,170 cu. ft. (32.8 CBM)
– 40′ is about 2,385 cu. ft. (67.1 CBM)

LCL – Less Container Load – means the load have not reach a specific full container minimum. LCL shipments carry some risk especially for goods that may be considered fragile. LCL shipments are handled more frequently according to Indonesia freight law. Loaded in Tulungagung à unloaded and reloaded in Surabaya à unloaded and reloaded in Singapore à and unloaded at the destination.

FCL – Full Container Load – means the load reaches its allowable maximum (or full) weight or measurement. In common practice, the FCL in the ocean freight does not always mean packing a container to its full payload or full capacity. These containers are subject to considerably less handling as they are loaded in Bali and unloaded only at the destination.
Once a shipment exceeds 13cmb, FCL is considerable cheaper than LCL. It is often more cost effective to ship with FCL.
We recommend that customers purchase insurance before shipping to cover against any damages incurred during delivery or transiting of the goods. Insurance is generally charged at 3% of the total of the goods being shipped.
International shipping costs are always changing regularly as we update our customers with the current rates to a particular destination upon contacting us through email or phone.


We do NOT responsible for any damages during delivery or caused by transiting