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At Woodbrickstone, in the processed building materials sector, our process starts with specially selected new raw materials. Building materials here consist of red brick, batako, hebel and paving blocks.
Red bricks we usually named red brick are building materials for building houses and buildings. The use of bricks has been around for a thousands years. How to make this red brick from time to time has not changed. In line with the development of technology, several technological applications participated in the process of making this brick. In principle, how to make red bricks does not change.
Batako making is the result of human engineering in the context of new products that have better quality. Batako making is born because of the new mareterial nature of having a smaller weight, can be installed faster and stronger for all uses. walls based batako have advantages in terms of reducing heat and sound. Batako produced does not base on heat for combustion.
Hebel …… ..
Paving Block …
The nation of Indonesia has advanced since time immemorial, the State has recognized Building technology since the days of ancient kingdom, even before the arrival of Europeans. We can find in historical records, that many temples were built using bricks, natural stones and cast concrete with a high degree of precision accuracy.

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